About Me

Hello lovely people. My name is Ginnie and I want to share my knowledge and experiences teaching cooking with you, so that you can see the things that I do in the kitchen that make my life easier, the things that are harder but that get my kids cooking, and the things that aren’t worth the time!

A bit about me – I’m a 40-something mum of two with a partner, a job and a lifelong love of all things cooking. Like all working parents, feeding my family is a constant juggle of time, energy and budget. And to add to the mix, food is really really important to me! So getting my family eating healthy, tasty food is pretty high on my list of priorities, but as happens with life, it quickly slips down the list when I get busy.

I live in South Wales and I’ve worked in the food industry for 15 years. In 2008 I started my family, carried on working, and in 2017 I set up a small side business in Cardiff called Little Spoon using my experience teaching children to cook. My children were 7 and 9 at the time, and so I started by running classes for Primary School aged children. Classes were messy, loud and lots of fun, and I quickly learnt what kids like to make and what kids don’t. I learnt that some have a natural, wonderful, internal fascination with cooking and ingredients, and that for those who don’t, all kids love baking! After a year I started offering classes for older kids and this is when my real passion for cooking came to the fore.

To sum it up – we need to teach our children to cook!

In a world of ubereats, ready meals, takeaways, busy lives and cheap calories, essential life skills are being lost and our children are reaching adulthood barely able to scramble an egg, let alone make a frittata or eggs benedict (or all of the many delicious, nutritious things that you can do with an egg).

I’m often guilty of not taking the time to teach my own children basics, because its messy and time consuming and I’m hungry and want dinner on the table in the next 30 minutes. But as my son hits his tweens I’m determined to get him in the kitchen and able to cook for himself, and eventually able to cook the family a tasty, balanced meal.

And so this blog is a record of my journey. A record of the recipes and techniques that I use, the lessons I try to teach my own and other peoples children.

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